Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Restore Your Antique Furniture with French Polishing

Old is Gold is a very famous phrase that you all must be acquainted with. Regardless of how much modern we become or how much technological advancements we experience, there are certain things that will always be the same.

Agree or not, the traditional things are always appreciated. And one great example to prove this is antique furniture. For those who are proud owners of the antique furniture in Melbourne can know this feeling.  But, owning and maintaining it are two different scenarios. In order that that hold the same appeal, it is necessary for you to maintain it. Hence, comes the role of Furniture Repair in Melbourne.

This doesn't necessarily mean that your antique furniture is broken and you actually need a repair. But, there are times when they get rusty and their shine and lustre lose gradually. So, in order to restore their appeal, it becomes necessary to carry out some revival process and one of the best ways is French Polishing.

If you are unaware of this term, French Polishing is a simple wood finishing method that helps in attaining a very high gloss surface along with a deep colour.  It is the process wherein many thin coats of shellac are dissolved in denatured alcohol using a rubbing pad that is lubricated with one of a variety of oils.

You can opt for the French Polishing or overall antique conservation and restoration service for the following:

Furniture from all eras
French antique polishing and wax finishes
Clocks and barometers
Desk leathers
Painting restoration and gliding
Glass and china repairs
Caning and rush seating

The restoration service can also be carried out on-site where appropriate, as sometimes, it is not feasible for the larger items like beds, china cabinets and staircases to be brought to the service centre.

If you are one amongst the proud owners of the antique furniture, opt for regular Furniture Repair in Melbourne. Jason Snook is one premium name in the restoration industry carrying out efficient and affordable polishing and restoration service. For more inquiry, contact the team at 0412 832 858.

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